Ferdinando Principiano, the Border Barolo

To understand who is Ferdinando Principiano you should visit the farmhouse where he’s is born and and grown, at Monforte d’Alba, at the south border line of Barolo DOCG area and located just ahead the crus Ravera and Le Coste. The landscape is amazing, it doesn’t seem to be in the Langa, the vegetation is luxuriant and wild, finally we lose the strict vine monoculture of lots of Langa’s villages and we find a place of absolut quiet where the vines grow close to the forest. The farmhouse is really in the middle of nowhere, “i’m borned and grown here, i spent my days alone in this nature, here they used to call me Tarzan”. Today Ferdinado is 40 years old and he runs a winery of 15 total hectars in Monforte and Serralunga but you can still notice in his eyes the same hardening, a sane wild restlessness and the same passion of that young guy. The passion he has in telling this piece of land and the care that he reserves to it is evident in his every single gesture. Visiting the vineyards the attention he pays to them is astonishing, so rigorous, looking for the most naturality possible, with many experimentations trying to reduce the use even of that products admitted  by biologic farming, as copper and sulfur.

I don’t like the word natural, today i’m also no more engaged with this association of natural wines. Is because i dont’t like dogmas. I work using my head and trying to take what is good and what works from everyone, from natural producers as from conventional. I neither go to fairs and convention, i prefer staying here, listen to what the old people tell me and i read what the agronomist of the past used to write”.

Ferdinando explain us that the key to understand the identity of his wines is this fortune of having wineyards located in this border area, between Monforte and Serralunga. First of all the biodiversity of this place is unique “for me what surrounds this place is the same important of my wineyards and explains what my wine is”.

Another important feature of this place is the altitude “here we are 100 meters higher than the Cannubi in Barolo village, the altitude gives an unique footprint to the wines of Monforte and Serralunga”. And also the soil is very important “this is a place of white soil, the percentage of limestone and clay is very high”.

Ferdinando produces three labels of Barolo. The first is Barolo di Serralunga d’Alba, that comes from younger vines of Boscareto single vineyard, very important cru that is just next the Francia vineyard, father of the legendary Barolo Monfortino. Is the most immediate between his Barolos, not needing a very long aging, but also with a lot of elegance, complexity and character. The grapes pressed ferment without the inoculum of yeast and without  sulfur dioxide from 40 to 90 days depending to the vintages. The aging of 36 months is spent in slavonian oak barrel of 30 hectoliters and than in the 20.000 bottles produced.

From the same vineyard, Boscareto, the older vines, at least 40 years old, give birth  to the Barolo Boscareto. The grapes, not destemmed, are foot pressed and than ferment without the inoculum of yeast and without the addition of sulfur dioxide . Aging of 36 months in 30 hectoliters slovonian oak barrels and 4.000 bottles produced. 

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